Axial fan DFV4500 (formerly TTV4500)

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The DFV4500 is a portable and stackable axial ventilator, multifunctional for support in construction drying, dust extraction, cooling, heating etc.

The air displacement can be set in 3 different positions. The fan is suitable for many applications, various hose adapters can be found under "Accessories".

Vostermans Ventilation delivers this fan exclusively to Dryfast, under the name B4E40 or M4E40.

Product specifications

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Air flow

5.300 m³/h

Air pressure max.

80 Pa

Air flow

free blowing

Connection voltage

230 V / 50 Hz (1, 1 A)

Power consumption

0,23 kW

Recommended fuse

10 A



Hose connection

1 x ø 450

Dimensions L x W x H

360 x 480 x 570 mm


12,5 kg

IP range


Sound level

max. 53 dB(A) @ 3 m


Manual: DFV4500

Axial fan DFV4500 (formerly TTV4500)

In stock

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