Axial fan DAF1500

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The DAF1500 can be connected with an optional tube incl. flexible hose and suitable for dust extraction with Dryfast filter class F7 dust bags. Ideal for ventilating enclosed spaces in industry, shipbuilding and maintenance, when working in sewers, applying coatings, etc.

Product specifications

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Air flow

1.630 m³/h

Air pressure max.

250 Pa

Hose connection

Discharge side 1 x ø 255 mm, suction side via optional hose in case CAN 1500

Ambient temperature

50 °C

Connection voltage

230 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption

0,37 kW


portable / stackable

Dust bag diameter

200 mm


L x W x H 340 x 305 x 380 mm


8 kg

Noise level @ 1 mtr.

63 dB (A)

Protection class

IP 44

Recommended fuse

10 A


Axial fan DAF1500

Out of stock

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