Axial fan DAF3900

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Malignant fumes, such as welding fumes, but also harmful quartzite dust from construction and renovation work can be extracted with this handy fan. An additional benefit of extracting contaminated air from enclosed spaces is that it creates a negative pressure in the room in question, preventing harmful substances from polluting adjacent spaces.

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Air flow

3.700 m³/h

Air pressure max.

280 Pa

Hose connection

air side 1 x ø 300 mm intake via optional hose in duct CAN 3900

Ambient temperature max.

45 °C

Connection voltage

230 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption

0,75 kW

Noise level @ 1 mtr.

85 dB (A)


portable / stackable

Dust bag diameter

300 mm

Dimensions L x W x H

520 x 400 x 500 mm


12,5 kg

Protection class

IP 44

Recommended fuse

10 A


Axial fan DAF3900

In stock

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