Below you will find a list of the most important software for our measurement equipment.

MM Studio;MM studio can be used to process data from various measurement instruments by Trotec, such as the highly popular T3000 and other devices from the T series. It can also read data from DL200 data loggers and BL30 data loggers. The basic programme is free. A dongle is available for purchase in case you want to extend your programme (e.g. writing reports). Download the software here

IC IrReportSetup V2.6.0;allows you to generate your own template/report for editing and processing your thermographic data. Download the software here

LD6000 software; you will need this software to transfer measurement data from the LD6000 measurement unit to your computer. This applies to acoustic measurement data and tracer gas measurement data as well. Download the software here

Smartgraph 3;is a specific programme for reading the DL series’ data loggers and to configure your data logger. Download the software here

BZ30; software for configuring and reading the BZ30 Download the software here

BL30; if you only have the basic data logger BL30, this software will suffice.Download the software here