Water separator VT2 AERCUBE

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The VT2 water separator is equipped with a high-quality dirty water pump, which is also used in industrial applications. With this special pump, the VT2 can be used exclusively as a “wet vacuum”. The closed design of the housing allows the device to operate even when standing in 30 cm of water.

Thanks to its hygienically impeccable structure, thorough cleaning is particularly easy. Two safety snap closures allow for easy access to the inside. A drain screw in the base of the unit ensures that residual water can be completely drained.

Product specifications

Additional information

Article code


Tank capacity

20 l

Operating range


Current consumption

0.26 kW

Connection voltage

230 V / 50 Hz

Power cable

4.5 m with plug, heavy-duty version, (H07 cable) with magnet holder for plug

Protection class


Dimensions L x W x H

390 x 490 x 507 mm


18 kg


Water separator VT2 AERCUBE

In stock

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