Pre-filter G3 filter bag

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The function of the pre-filter is to separate the coarse dust from the fine dust. This has the advantage that the normal dust filter bag can be used much longer. The pre-filter is placed in the F9 filter bag and can also be easily removed.

Please note that the pre-filter is not a replacement for the F9 filter bag, it is a disposable item.

Product specifications

Additional information

Pre-filter bag 300 mm

Article code: FSZ3/300
Ø 300mm, L = 3 m

Pre-filter bag 450 mm

Article code: FSZ3/450
Ø 450mm, L = 3 m

Pre-filter bag 550 mm

Article code: FSZ3/550
Ø 550mm, L = 3 m


Pre-filter G3 filter bag

In stock

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