Seekthermal CompactPRO

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The CompactPro is the most advanced portable thermal imaging camera designed specifically for your smartphone. This highly portable thermal imaging camera made specifically for top-of-the-line iPhone® and Android™ models includes a wide, highly sensitive 320×240 thermal sensor with a wide 32° field of view. With its adjustable thermal range, level and emissivity, the CompactPRO delivers thermal imaging and software capabilities at an unprecedented high resolution for this price.


Key features:

  • High-resolution heat sensor
  • Adjustable emissivity & fully radiometric
  • Wide 32° field of view
  • Focusable lens for quick identification
  • Uses the power and display of your smartphone
  • Water-resistant, protective case

Benefits and applications:

  • Connection and instant detection
  • More thermal detail where you need it most
  • Accurate inspection of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Safe control of high-risk environments
  • The time of day does not inhibit you
  • Easily document and share

Product specifications

Additional information

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Heat sensor

320 x 240 (>76.000 pixels)

Detection distance

550 meters

Field of view

32° field of view

Temperature range

-40 °C tot 330 °C

Images per second

>15 Hz FastFrame


Adjustable focus

Lens Material




Thermal Sensivity

< 75 mK

Spectral range

7,5 – 14 microns

User Interface

Free mobile app from Seek Thermal

Weather scale temperature

Fahrenheit, Celsius, of Kelvin

Color Palettes

9 options

Storage media

Direct storage on smartphone


Powered by smartphone. Consumption up to 280 mW

Compatibility with phones

Top iPhone® and Android™ models.


Seekthermal CompactPRO

In stock

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