DPB230 pump box

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Why a pump box instead of a jerry can or mortar tub?

A jerry can/mortar tub will need to be checked regularly and, if necessary, emptied. This therefore requires someone to be present at the drying site or will have to go to the drying site to check and empty. In addition, emptying, especially a full mortar tub can be quite a chore.

To ease in the above, the pump box is designed for fully automatic pumping away of condensation water coming from construction dryers or dehumidifiers as used in the construction and water damage market.

The condensation water is collected by the pump box and will be pumped off by an easily connectable drain hose with quick coupling. Even if the dryer/pump combination is set up on a lower floor, the pump box can pump away the collected water up to 5 metres in height difference. An important detail here is that the dryer switches off if the pump box cannot discharge the water for any reason.

Other tip: The pump box is also great for draining condensation water from an air conditioner.

Product specifications

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230 V / 50 Hz

Current consumption

144 ~180 W

IP protection class

pump: IPX8

Water flow

13,66 l / min

Water tank capacity

16 L

Pumping head

5 metres

Power cable length

4.5 metres

Isolation class




Dimensions L x W x H

415 x 400 x 510 mm


13,6 kg


DPB230 pump box

In stock

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