Moisture meter DP100

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Professional moisture meter for determining the moisture content of wood or soft building materials.

The measured data can serve as a basis for determining whether further drying is required. To get a complete picture of the situation, this moisture meter also displays the temperature and relative humidity of the environment.

Now you can also order the transport case separately.
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Product specifications

Additional information

Article code


Measuring range

Wood: 3.7-82%
Building material: 0.1-80%
Ambient temperature: -10~60°C
Relative humidity: 0-100%

Electrode length

10 mm


1-75% ± 5%

Ambient temperature

0-45°C ± 1%
-10~0°C — 45-60°C/±1.5%

Ambient humidity

20~80%/±4.0% R.H.
0~20% — 80~100%/ ±5.0% R.H

Measurement speed

0.5 seconds

Storage temperature


Operating environment temperature


R.H. work environment

0-85% R.H.

Automatic switch-off

± 15 sec


2 x 1.5V 3AAA battery

Dimensions L x W x H

147 m x 42 mm x 25 mm (including protective cover)


90 g (including batteries and protective cap)


Manual: DP100

Moisture meter DP100

In stock

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