ACT-7 mobile air conditioner

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The Dryfast mobile air/water cooled air conditioner ACT-7 is the successor of the well-known PAC22 and this robust set is specially designed for rental companies and installers, as the ideal tool to prevent and overcome temporary heat nuisance.

The complete standard set consists of a water-cooled, mobile indoor unit, a 5-meter hose set FLEX5 and an air-cooled, external heat exchanger HEX-7.

The indoor unit has a control panel with a selector switch for off / ventilation / cooling, a rotary knob for the infinitely variable fan speed and an illuminated electronic display, which shows the following:

  • ruling temperature
  • set temperature
  • fan speed
  • state of the unit

Furthermore, the blowing direction of the cooled air is easily adjustable.

The standard 5-metre hose set is fitted with quick-release couplings for water intake and drainage, condensation drain and easy plug-in connections for the external outdoor unit’s power supply. All in a strong, flexible plastic sheath. An optional 15-metre set is available. The maximum hose distance between the indoor unit and the external heat exchanger is 30 metres.

The HEX-7 external heat exchanger is equipped with an EC fan motor with automatic speed control, which continuously adapts to the prevailing outside temperature, thus ensuring optimum operation of the ACT-7 mobile air conditioning unit and saving energy costs.

Product specifications

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Cooling capacity

max. 7 kW at 28°C / 60% RH inside and 28°C outside

Air flow min. / max.

930 / 1310 m³/h

Connection voltage

230 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption

2, 6 (11, 2) kW (A)

Recommended fuse

16 A

Dimensions indoor unit L x W x H

852 x 420 x 1070 mm

Weight of indoor unit

110 kg

Dimensions outdoor unit L X W X H

550 x 201 x 520 mm



Weight of outdoor unit

18 kg

Height difference between indoor unit and outdoor unit

max. 10 meter

Noise level

53 dB(A) @ 3 m



Standard hose length

5 m


ACT-7 mobile air conditioner

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