Micro CA-350 digital inspection camera

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The micro CA-350 is a compact, professional IP65 videoscope for inspecting hard-to-reach locations with narrow access. Already in series production, the micro CA-350 is equipped with a semi-flexible and 0.9 m long video probe, which can optionally be extended to 9 m or replaced with a probe with an ultra-slim 6 mm camera head.

The anodised aluminium camera head with four super bright LEDs provides detailed inspection results, which are displayed on the bright 3.5 inch TFT colour display and can be recorded as a photo or video and enhanced with voice comments.

The extremely easy-to-use system has an intuitive, multilingual navigation menu and offers many innovative functions. For example, quadruple image rotation function, 2-fold digital zoom and stepless brightness control for detailed and precise inspections.

In addition to the internal memory, an SD slot is available to flexibly expand the memory space. As an alternative to the SD card, data can also be transferred to a PC quickly and easily via the integrated USB interface. Not only is the corresponding USB connection cable already included in the scope of delivery, but also handy tools such as an angle mirror, hook and magnet attachment, with which you can optimally expand the range of application of your micro CA-350.

Product specifications

Additional information


267 x 105 x 60 mm


2, 5 kg

Probe size

length 0, 9 m


17 mm


Waterproof up to 0, 3 bar


4 LED’s

Video/picture resolution

320 x 240 pixels (video)640 x 480 pixels (photo)

Equipment features

colour camera with 2x zoom, 4 x 90° image rotation function, Continuously dimmable LEDs, video recording (MPEG-4), Photo recording (JPEG), audio recording


Micro CA-350 digital inspection camera

In stock

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