Holiday Detector

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The Holiday Detector (holidays are holes or irregularities) is a direct current detector for detecting holes and defects in insulated coatings on conductive substrates.

Where coatings must provide effective corrosion protection, it is essential that any holes or defects that will eventually lead to corrosion be detected at the earliest possible stage, preferably immediately after coating application.

The test voltage has a high impedance, allows for a safe test and does not damage or cause burn marks on the coating. The Holiday Detector is a compact and lightweight measuring unit that can be easily carried by the ‘user’ with the included neck strap. The calibration certificate is supplied as a paper copy.

All models come in an industrial foam-filled carrying case with high voltage probe, band brush, 10 m grounding cable and neck strap.

Product specifications

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1 – 30 kV

Maximum test thickness coating

8000 µm

Voltage type

direct current (DC)


0.1 kV

Voltage accuracy

± 1%

Earth cable length

20 meters


Holiday Detector

In stock

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