New : Ontvochtiger DMD90

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The new DMD90 dehumidifier is the most compact dryer in our range with a maximum dehumidification capacity of 21 litres in 24 hours.

Ruwe omstandigheden zijn geen probleem door het robuuste en industriële design van de luchtontvochtiger. In addition, the housing is equipped with cable holders and a metal handle for easy movement of the dehumidifier. On the inside we see a rotating compressor which allows it to be transported in any position.

The dehumidifier is equipped with automatic hot gas defrosting to ensure high dehumidification capacity even at low temperatures.

All these advantages make the DMD90 dehumidifier an efficient but above all economical way of drying.

Product specifications

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Dehumidification capacity max.

21 l / 24 h

Dehumidification capacity at 30 °C and 80% R.H.

20 l / 24 h

Air volume

260 m³ / h

Operating range (temperature)

5 °C to 32 °C

Operating range (relative humidity)

30% to 90% R.H.

Permitted pressure max.

2.5 MPa

Pressure suction side

1.0 MPa

Pressure exhaust side

2.5 MPa

Connection voltage

230 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption max.

0.35 kW

Rated current

1.5 A

Recommended fuse

10 A



Refrigerant quantity

100 g

GWP- factor


CO2 equivalent

0.0003 t

Water tank


Sound level (1m distance)

46 dB(A)

Size (length x width x height)

295 x 305 x 562 mm

Minimum distance from walls and objects

50 cm


20 kg


New : Ontvochtiger DMD90

In stock

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