Building dryer DF800F

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The "workhorse" of the Dryfast construction dryer range and the successful successor of the old DF600H / FD60(AX).
The DF800F is suitable for spaces of approximately 800 m³, has a radial fan for more airflow and has a highly efficient rotary compressor. In addition, the dehumidifier has an incomparably high dehumidification capacity, especially at lower temperatures.
For many rental companies in Europe, the DF800F is the new standard for professional building drying. Continuous improvements and advances in technology guarantee years of trouble-free operation, even under the toughest conditions.
Refrigerant R454C
The DF800F has the new refrigerant: R454C. This is an environmentally responsible refrigerant that we have chosen as an alternative to the R407C refrigerant. From 1 January 2020, the use of the well-known refrigerant gases R407C and R410A in mobile equipment will be banned on the European market. The permitted value for mobile dehumidifiers as of 1 January 2020 is 150 GWP. R454C has a GWP of 146 and is a versatile and sustainable gas.
Successor to...
This model is the successor of the DF800 with the 'old' R407C refrigerant and of the DF600H, which is also offered with the type designations: FD60AX, DH65 and TTK600.
Standardwith hour meter
Optionallyavailable with a hygrostat and condensate pump
Warranty8760 operating hours, with a maximum of 3 years

Product specifications

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Capacity max.

150 l / 24 hours

Temperature range

0°C – 35°C

Air flow

800 m³/h, radial fan

Connection voltage

230 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption

2.1 kW / 9 A

Recommended fuse

16 A



Dimensions L x W x H

585 x 630 x 1020 mm


66 kg

Water outlet

19 mm outside

Hour meter


Sound level

60 dB(A)




hot gas thermostat controlled

Hermetically sealed system

Refrigerant R454C – 0.76 kg

IP protection class


GWP - factor


CO2 equivalent

0,11 t

Operating range R.H.

35 % – 100 %

Dehumidification capacity at 20°C and 60 % R.H.

55 l / 24h


Building dryer DF800F

In stock

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