Calcium carbide Classic measuring case

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With the Calcium Carbide Classic measuring case, you have a professional measuring instrument for accurately determining residual moisture in processed building materials.

The carburemeter works on the basis of the “Calcium Carbide Method,” the classic, as well as most accurate and reliable measurement method for determination of absolute humidity in floors, walls and ceilings.

Content of the CM set Classic:

  • Digital scale
  • Measuring cups (2 pieces)
  • Reagent set – complete for sample preparation
  • Ball set with 4 steel bullets
  • 20 pieces of carbide ampoules
  • Three test ampoules
  • Three spare seals
  • Operating manual
  • Aluminum transport case

Product specifications

Additional information

Article code


Measuring range max.

2,5 bar

Max. deviation

25 mbar

Manometer accuracy class


Inspection pressure gauge

DIN-EN 837-2


9,02 kg


Calcium carbide Classic measuring case

Out of stock

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