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What applications are Dryfast electric heaters designed for?

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11 August 2022


Electric heaters are offered in many price ranges and for different applications. When selecting an electric heater for auxiliary heating in a workshop, hobby room, temporary housing, etc., different factors have to be considered than when selecting an electric heater for the harsh conditions in the rental market and the finishing phase in the construction industry.
The most important reason for using our DFE series in construction is the fact that these heaters will not damage fresh concrete floors younger than 30 days. The DFE series comes with a two-layered casing, which leaves the outer casing lukewarm when operational (especially at the bottom) as well as, and even more importantly, during power outages; a frequent occurrence on construction sites. Thanks to this casing, moisture necessary for the floor to strengthen during the first 30 days does not evaporate from the floor, preventing so-called “dusting” or “burning” of the floor. Unfortunately, single-walled electric heaters tend to cause this issue which is why several small and large contractors have prohibited the use of these heaters in the final construction phase and now require double-walled heaters.
Radiant heat
The thick front grille of the blue DFE series prevents the radiant heat from the dark glow elements from irradiating the floor in front of the stove, which could also cause the fresh floor to become too hot and dusty. This does happen with electric stoves with a standard protective grate.
Working with an external thermostat
The 400 Volt models are not equipped with an internal thermostat, but a professional external 400V thermostat is available. The main reason for not using a built-in thermostat is that it prevents damage to the stove if the phases of the power supply are swapped. This is something that happens regularly on the construction site. Built-in 230V thermostats, connected between phase and neutral, will fail as a result. The advantage of an external thermostat, is that the temperature can then be measured at eye level and not low to the floor, which gives a much better result for a balanced heat distribution in the room and saves energy costs.
Jumping on the heater
Another important factor in choosing this heater is its enormous robustness; this is a well-known fact for many rental companies and construction firms, as they still have up to 25 year-old heaters in their fleets, with great satisfaction. Which electric heater can a grown man jump on without causing damage to the heater?!
Frequent support with the construction dryer
Because these heaters were developed especially for the finishing stage, as described above, this range is very often used in conjunction with the well-known yellow Dryfast Dryers to assist the drying process by maintaining the temperature at around 10┬░C and providing additional internal ventilation.
Therefore the DFE series
Yes, these special construction heaters are more expensive than many other electric heaters, but due to their extremely long service life and special features, they are the ideal solution for applications such as the rental market and the construction industry.
Would you like advice or more information on the use of DFE stoves? Contact us directly on 010-426 14 10 or at info@dryfast.eu.

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