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How can you dry optimally during the winter period?

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11 August 2022


It is colder again, the cars are covered in condensation and the roads remain damp for a long time. These are the first signs that major moisture problems will arise again in the finishing phase (in the new building). The big question now is ”how do we get the construction dry and how can we keep on working?
Construction dryers
Dryfast dryers work perfectly at temperatures around 10°C. We have paid particular attention to this when developing our dryers, because many finishing materials have to be processed between 8 and 12°C.
Optimal result
At temperatures above 10 °C, we advise our customers to combine our construction dryers with fans for even faster drying. If the average temperature falls well below 10 °C, we also recommend adding our powerful and safe electric construction heater to this combination for optimum results.
Electric heaters
All Dryfast DFE Series electric site heaters are double jacketed, so that the heater casing remains lukewarm even in the event of a sudden power failure on the construction site, so that no damage can ever occur to “fresh” sand-cement floors. Something that happens frequently with single-walled stoves!
Would you like advice or more information about the use of construction dryers in combination with heaters and fans? Contact us directly on 010-426 14 10

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