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The flexible solution for temporary cooling: The Dryfast Air Conditioner ACT-7

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11 August 2022


The ACT-7 is a water-cooled split air conditioner with 2 separate circulation systems and consists of a mobile indoor unit, a flexible hose set and a portable external heat exchanger.

Indoor unit

The indoor unit is equipped with a complete cooling circuit consisting of a rotary compressor, an evaporator for air cooling and a water-cooled condenser for heat dissipation.
The hot cooling water of the condenser is pumped to the external heat exchanger by the hose set and cooled there, after which the cooled water goes through the same hose set again to the indoor unit to cool the condenser.
This solution is much more efficient than the commonly used monoblock portable air conditioners, as no room air is used to cool the condenser, which is discharged to the outside through an air duct. This creates an underpressure in the room, which of course is filled with mostly (re)heated outside air.

Two separate circulation systems

An additional advantage of working with the two separate circulation systems is, on the one hand, technical installation; water couplings are easy to connect and disconnect infinitely many times with no more than a minimal loss of water, which is easy to replenish. On the other hand, there is the refrigeration aspect: when working with refrigerant gas-filled refrigerant pipes, a connection may only be made once, which complicates the use in temporary cooling. Refrigerant gas must not leak into the atmosphere.

Hose set

Dryfast supplies hose sets in lengths of 5 and 15 metres, and a maximum of 30 metres of hose may be placed between the indoor unit and the external heat exchanger. The maximum height difference between the indoor unit and the heat exchanger is 10 metres.
The hose set consists of 2 strong water hoses with pressed Stucchi couplings, a water hose with couplings for drainage of the condensation water from the indoor unit and a power cable with plugs for feeding the external heat exchanger.


The mobile indoor unit has a cooling capacity of 7 kW/h and can reach a minimum indoor temperature of 8°C. The fan speed is steplessly adjustable between 930 and 1310 m³/hour. Furthermore, a clear display shows the current room temperature, the set temperature, the selected fan speed and the status of the unit.
The external heat exchanger is equipped with a speed control, which ensures that the cooling fan is regulated according to the cooling requirements, thus saving energy. There are also suspension eyes on the heat exchanger and suspension chains are included.

Spot cooling

For spot cooling, an optional top cover is available with 2 outlets for hose connection.

Ideal for…

All these features make this unit the ideal solution for temporary climate control in shops, offices, server rooms, measuring and control rooms, data centres, emergency cooling down to 8°C, fairs and exhibitions and spot cooling in industry.
Naturally, this unit has a very robust construction and is suitable for many installations over many years, making it the ideal device for installers and rental companies.

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