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The dangers of using construction dryers and dehumidifiers at high temperatures

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11 August 2022


Our dehumidifiers can be used in room temperatures between 5 and 35°C. We have always informed our customers in detail about the use of our construction dryers at low temperatures and would now like to inform you about the use at high temperatures.

In 2018, we were suddenly confronted with construction dryers and dehumidifiers where the wiring had been burnt and sometimes in combination with a defective compressor. Internal and factory investigations have shown that this problem occurs when the prescribed room temperatures are exceeded.

We are currently facing extremely high outdoor temperatures, just like in the summer of 2018. In tests, we have found that at outdoor temperatures of around and above 30°C, the heat generated by the dehumidifier and any peripheral equipment such as insulation dryers in enclosed spaces exceeds the specified room temperature limit.
The risk is even greater when relatively large building dehumidifiers are installed in small enclosed spaces. For example, if a high capacity building dryer (DF800) is used to dry an entire family home, the risk of exceeding the limit value is very small.

The smaller the space, the easier it is for the limit values to be exceeded. Especially when using oversized dryers and when there are also other heat-emitting devices in the room.

Tips to watch out for:

  • Adjust the capacity of the dryer used to the room volume (DF200 for 200 m³, DF400 for 400 m³ etc.).
  • At high temperatures in combination with low relative humidity, you can choose to use fans in combination with open doors and windows.
  • Check the room temperature when all equipment is running.
  • Make sure that the dehumidifiers are clean so that the internal heat can be easily dissipated. Also check for possibly dirty filters.

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