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The all-round solution for dust control, unique in its segment, the Dryfast FB300 filter box

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11 August 2022


The DAF3000LSAU dust extraction set is already known to most construction and renovation companies and has become indispensable on every construction site. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to use a dust bag with a length of 3 metres. With the FB300 filter box and various filter combinations we make this possible, with the great advantage that even the smallest dust particles can be filtered.
Due to the standard suction and discharge hose connections of Ø 300 mm, this filter box can be combined with fans and air transport hoses in many different ways, for overpressure or underpressure applications.
Setup FB300 and DAF3000
Various setups for FB300 and DAF3000
Set-up FB300
Setup FB300 and DAF3000
Suitable for which applications?
The filter combination can be configured with various filters for various applications. For example, a G4 coarse dust cassette filter and an F9 fine dust cassette filter or an F7 fine dust bag filter can be used in the construction and renovation market. For renovation work in care homes, hospitals, schools and the food industry, the filter box can be assembled with a G4 coarse dust cassette filter, F9 fine dust cassette filter and a HEPA filter. The carbon cassette filter can be used for all kinds of odour control in the renovation market, building and painting market and industry. The paint mist filter can be used to capture paint mist and dust, for example when spraying on location.
Thanks to its large number of filter combinations, the filterbox offers a complete solution for a healthy work environment at your construction site.
Placing the filters
The airflow direction is indicated with an arrow on both the filterbox itself and the filters. To ensure effective operation of the filters, it is important that the arrows on the filters are visibly placed in the box in the correct direction.
Material and cleaning
The robust plastic housing has three cutouts on the inside in which you can easily place the filters. During use, the filter box will also become dirty, however, it can be easily and quickly cleaned with water (high-pressure cleaner), so that the box will continue to work effectively and you will not contaminate the area in which you want to clean the box.
In addition to easy cleaning of the filter box, you have the advantage that if the FB300 is connected to the suction side of the fan, the fan itself also remains clean.
Also suitable for…
An additional advantage of the filter box is that it can be used not only with Dryfast fans, but also with other brands of fans. As long as the fan has a diameter of 300 mm and creates an airflow of between 2000 and 4000 m³/h, the filter box can be connected.
We are therefore proud to say that with the FB300 filter box you have the most efficient solution for the most common dust and odour irritations.

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