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Dryfast fans…make the right choice!

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11 August 2022


Of course we think the fans offered by Dryfast are the right choice, but that is not what we mean. We offer a complete range of 27 different models in various capacities, discharge pressures, connection options, axial and radial, for all kinds of applications and target groups.

Some examples of these applications are:

– for extracting bad fumes and dusts;
– blowing in clean air;
– Supporting drying and heating processes;
– for cooling in hot periods;
– for transporting warm, dry or cold air to the desired room.
To determine the right fan, it is important to determine the application or combination of applications for which you want to use the fan. Questions to ask in advance are:

Is the fan used for free blowing, in combination with flexible air hoses and/or dust bags or for both applications?

If the fan is only used for free blowing, all axial fans with a low pressure are suitable and the desired air flow is decisive. We supply axial fans in capacities ranging from 2,000 m³/h up to 45,000 m³/h.

If the fan is used in combination with air transport hoses and/or dust bags, the most important criterion is of course that the fan is equipped, or can be equipped, with hose connections. For short hose lengths (max. 10 metres) low pressure axial fans with overcapacity can be used, for longer hose lengths high pressure axial fans are preferred and for hose lengths above 30 metres high pressure radial fans are used.

If the fan must be suitable for both applications, then the Dryfast fans DFV4500/4500HP/7000 are the right choice because they are supplied as standard with free blowing and can easily be fitted with hose adapters for connecting hoses and/or dust bags.

Will the fan only be used indoors or also for outdoor set-ups?

If the fan must be installed outside, without protection from the rain, the DFV4500/4500HP/7000 models are the only solution. (protection class IP55)

For which applications is the fan used?

In order to make your choice as easy as possible, our fans on our website have already been categorised according to the most important areas of application: fans for the water damage market, multi-purpose fans, dust extraction/extraction fans and wind machines for pure air movement.

The DFV4500/4500HP/7000 are classified as multifunctional fans. This series is unique because all kinds of accessories are available, making them suitable for virtually all applications. It is not without reason that general hire companies usually choose this series for dust extraction, support of all drying processes, transport of warm air through stairwells or lift shafts in heating projects in commercial buildings, for cooling, etc. At many rental companies, these models achieve the highest utilisation rates in the entire rental fleet, and many contractors are already drying out without the use of these fans.

What capacity do I need?

In the case of internal ventilation to support drying processes and to provide a cooling effect in summer, the required free air delivery capacity of the fan is 5 to 7 times the volume of the room in question.

Here are some examples of the number of air changes required for various applications:

(One air change is the complete volume of the room that is exchanged with fresh air).

Application / space Air changes / hour
Dust extraction in the building trade 18-20
Tunnel ventilation 40
Bakeries 20-40
Assembly halls 5-8
Warehouses in general 3-6
Fruit storage 40
Large kitchens 15-20
Offices 5-8
Engine Rooms 15-30
Spray paint 20-50


Do you need advice on which fan to use for your application? Please contact us directly so that we can advise you.

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