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The correct installation of building dehumidifiers alone or in combination with fans and electric heaters

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11 August 2022

Installation of one or more construction dryers
When using a single dehumidifier without the use of a free-flowing axial fan or electric fan heater, it is important that the dehumidifier is positioned so that it can suck in freely and has as much free space as possible in the direction of discharge. The dry air from the dehumidifier has the possibility to absorb moisture before it is sucked in again by the dehumidifier.

In a house, always place the dehumidifier in the largest room and make sure that all indoor doors are open To avoid unnecessary lifting, the dehumidifier can be installed on the ground floor.

A partial misunderstanding is that twice the DF400 construction dryer would dry faster than once the DF800 construction dryer. If the dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifier corresponds to the volume of space of the object to be dried, there is no great advantage in placing one DF400 dehumidifier on the ground floor and one on the upper floor, for example. The only advantage gained here is faster drying because more air is displaced. This effect has already been discussed in detail in a previous blog and can be done much more cheaply and efficiently with the use of a TTV4500 fan. Since air that is drier has a lower vapour pressure than moist air, the moisture automatically moves to the driest area, which is, of course, where the dehumidifier is installed.

Is the object to be dried too large for a single dehumidifier and do you need to use several dehumidifiers? Then it is always important to ensure that the dehumidifiers are positioned as far away from each other as possible and that they do not blow dry air in the direction of the suction of another dehumidifier.

Installation of building dehumidifiers in combination with fans and/or electric heaters
The positive effects of using fans and using electric heaters at low temperatures have been published in a previous blog. In this blog, we focus mainly on the installation in, for example, a home.

Construction dryers are best used in the largest room on the ground floor. A vapour pressure difference causes the moisture in the air to move to the dryest room automatically. If an electric heater is to be used, it should preferably be located on the ground floor, as warm air automatically rises and reaches the upper floor.

Always prevent the heater from blowing in the direction of the construction dryer intake.

This combination of two devices, equipped with an internal fan, provides sufficient air movement on the ground floor to accelerate the evaporation of moisture from walls, ceilings and floors.

It is therefore logical to place the fan on the first floor in order to create a positive effect on the evaporation of moisture everywhere, including in the attic. The fan is light and can be easily moved to reach the most difficult spaces.

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