Dehumidifier DH60

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The DH60 has an integrated air heating option that allows it to maintain a comfortable humidity level. This allows it to be used in areas such as garages, changing rooms and archives.

This powerful dehumidifier recirculates the air and physically extracts moisture. This eliminates the need for continuous reheating of the incoming air.

In addition, the unit converts energy extracted from the room as moisture into usable heat to heat the room, thereby speeding up the drying process.

Product specifications

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Capacity max.

60 l / 24 h

Operating range

0 ° C – 35 ° C

Air flow

1.280 m³/ h

Connection voltage

230V / 50 Hz

Current consumption max.

1.2 kW

Refrigerant gas


Sound level

54 dB(A)

Dimensions L x W x H

1247 x 270 x 648 mm




Dehumidifier DH60

In stock

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